Stamping and Registration

Following the closing, your Solicitor stamps your Transfer deed and returns a copy to the Builders solicitor. Your solicitor then submits the Transfer mortgage Charge to the Property Registration Authority along with Registration fees. The completion of registration of you as the owner may take up to 18 months to complete.

When registration of you as the new owner is completed by the Property Registration authority a new folio no is created unique to your home. This folio identifies the property with you as the owner and your bank as holding a charge against your title. The folio also includes a map. Your solicitor takes up a copy of this new folio and sends you a copy which you should carefully check (especially the map) to ensure that all is in order.

Your Solicitor then sends the new folio together with the other title documents handed over at the closing to your bank. This completes the purchase process from your solicitor’s point. Your title deeds remain with your bank till either you decide to sell or have paid off your loan.

The End

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