Get your ducks in a row with our
simple process of purchasing your new home

Buying Your New Home

  • Step 1 – Deciding to Buy
  • Step 2 – Budget
  • Step 3 – Location, Location, Location
  • Step 4 – Type of Home
  • Step 5 – Viewing the Home
  • Step 6 – Agreeing to Buy

Contracts Issued

  • Step 1 – Sales Advice Letter
  • Step 2 – Solicitors File Opened
  • Step 3 – Loan Approval / Agreement
  • Step 4 – Contracts Issued
  • Step 5 – Signing the Contract

Contract Exchanged

  • Step 1 – Contract Exchanged
  • Step 2 – Help to Buy
  • Step 3 – Valuation
  • Step 4 – Mortgage Protection / Life Assurance

Home Completed

  • Step 1 – Invitation to Snag
  • Step 2 – Completion Notice
  • Step 3 – Completion Statement
  • Step 4 – Home Loan Draw Down
  • Step 5 – Agreeing the Closing Date


  • This is what it’s all about. The closing date is the date you become the owner of and get the keys.


  • Following the closing, your Solicitor stamps your Transfer deed and returns a copy to the Builders solicitor. Your solicitor then submits the Transfer mortgage Charge to the Property Registration Authority along with Registration fees. The completion of registration of you as the owner may take up to 18 months to complete.

We facilitate Remote Signing

Your documents will be sent to you by a tracked DHL courier, allowing you to sign at home.

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Welcome to New Home Legals

8th June 2020

New Home Legals launches the day Ireland takes its first big step towards re-opening the economy after the lockdown of COVID 19. We step forward to get back to where we were three months ago. The opening up of many businesses across the country with hundreds of thousands returning to work will bring a significant […]

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