New home prices

As we move towards the end of the pandemic, there is real momentum in the newly built homes market. Building sites are opening up across the country, and employees are coming off the Covid subsidies. This will allow loans to be drawn down as homes are completed. There is little doubt that the cost of […]

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New Home market Spring 2021

The New Home market in 2021 is different to what everyone expected a year ago when Covid struck first. The first surprise is that prices have not dropped; in fact, prices are moving upwards for all new homes. There are two fundamental reasons for this. First, there is a limited supply of new homes coming […]

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Welcome to Coyne New Homes

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Coyne New Homes launches the day Ireland takes its first big step towards re-opening the economy after the lockdown of COVID 19. We step forward to get back to where we were three months ago. The opening up of many businesses across the country with hundreds of thousands returning to work will bring a significant […]

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